LordNOD is the biggest media hub for everything related to gaming events and tournaments in India, working as the official media and production partners for a multitude of events around the country and abroad.

Be it creative advertising, brand management, strategic communication, digital marketing , or brand identity design, LordNod specializes in gaming media solutions with productive results in relation to money spent, regardless of how limited the initial blueprint might be.

With unparalleled coverage of the Indian eSports and gaming scene, LordNOD provides a complete solution for any event related to gaming.

With a talented crew comprising of the best in their respective fields, LordNOD provides game reviews, live streaming and casting, VODs, Interviews with gaming personalities, integrated social media engagement and many more.

Being premium partners with platforms like YouTube, ESL, etc., LordNOD is able to reach out to the right audience with a plethora of original, top notch content throughout the year.


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