New Expansion Set For Hearthstone Released

New Expansion Set For Hearthstone Released

Recently Blizzard released a new expansion set for it’s extremely popular card game Hearthstone. This expansion known as The Grand Tournament introduces two new mechanics to the already mechanics rich game. The set also released with it a few upgraded forms of already existing cards.

The two new mechanics are Inspire and Joust. Inspire is based around the usage of the hero power. While you have a card with Inspire on board, whenever you use your power you will activate the text following the Inspire keyword. Each minion with Inspire does different things when Inspired. One thing of notice is that only minion cards contain the Inspire mechanic, for now at least.

The set also introduces new cards which are synergistic with the Inspire mechanic cards, like a neutral card which reduces the hero power cost to 1, or one which allows you to use hero power twice each turn. Mage class also gets a card which allows you to use your hero power as many times as possible.

The other mechanic Joust is interesting in that it’s a non-keyword mechanic, with the whole mechanic text along with the effect is written on the card. A few cards with this mechanic do have joust name in the text, but those are exceptions. The effect makes both players reveal a minion in their decks and if the minion of the joust initiator is of higher cost he wins the joust and activates the effect of the card. Unlike Inspire, Joust mechanic appears on nearly all type of cards.


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